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Issues with performance and images

  • I have some problems that I can’t really understand, so I thought I put it out here and see if I get any feedback.

    I use the ACF plugin with several add-ons, the repeater field add-on, flexible content add-on and the options page add-on.

    We have used the repeater add-on to create fields that are used to create content in different categories. For example a box in the right sidebar of a category that has an image and some text about the category.

    The thing is that I have a category where I don’t want any images and yet there is an image from another field belonging to another category in there. I tried removing the image from the other category and then it disappears from both categories, but it returns in both as I add it again.

    I have no idea which plugin is causing this or where the problem lies. On my developing site this isn’t an issue. The only difference is that I have updated the flexible content field add-on there to version 1.1.1, could this be the reason this problem is occurring? The WP versions also differ, the production site with the problem is WP 3.8 and I’ve updated the developing site to 3.8.1

    The other problem is that the options page is extremely slow and sometimes produces a 500 server error. This problem occurs on both my sites, production and test environments.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi @randler

    It is most likely that you have some code on your live site that is registering field via PHP.

    For the options page to receive a 500 error, your website must be timing out on load. Do you have many plugins / theme functionality?

    Check your functions.php file and also any plugins which are including ACF.


  • The thing is that the files on the production site and in the test environment are the same, both the category pages in the theme and the other files as functions.php so this is really weird. Could the database be the issue? As far as I can tell the issue came after an update that occurred some time before december 4th, that’s when I first noticed it.

    As to the options-page, the site does have about 40 plugins and I realize that this is problematic, but since the client that I’m working for needs pretty much all of them to keep all functionality I’m kind of in a bind.

  • Hi @randler

    Perhaps you will need to chat to your server and ask them if the website is failing due to server load.

    A server upgrade may be in order to fix the issue.


  • The issue with high server load only occurs on the Options page of ACF (, it takes more than 4 minutes to load that page. There is about 36 fields there and so it shouldn’t be a server issue only.

    You don’t have any idea what else could be causing an issue like this?

    Thank you!

  • Hi @randler

    What kind of fields do you have?
    Any post_object, page_link or taxonomy fields?

  • Yes, we use repeater fields with sub fields and there is a page_link amongst them. There is also repeater fields with post_object in them. Is this something that could be a problem?

  • I have gone through the plugins on my test site and found out the following:

    When I inactivate alla plugins except ACF and it’s add-ons, the page loads just fine in about 7-9 seconds. I found out that the All-in-One Event Calendar is the plugin that slows the page down the most.

    Also contributing to the slow load time is the plugins Collapsing categories, BWP Google XML Sitemaps and WP Facebook Open Graph protocol.

    Another observation is that when all the plugins are activated as before my troubleshooting, the amount of time that it takes for the options page to load is around a minute. Instead of up to 4 minutes as it was before I started inactivating and troubleshooting.

    Can the inactivation of the plugins itself have any effect on the load time?


  • Hi @randler

    No, if a plugin is not activated, none of it’s functionality will run.
    It sounds like something is wrong with your server or theme code.


  • Why is it that some plugins slows down the options page? Plugin incompatibility? Due to any hooks or filters that are being used in both?
    Or am I out on a limb here?

  • Hi @randler

    Plugins include new functionality and resources. These can slow down load times.


  • Hello again!

    Since the last time I wrote here we have changed server from windows and IIS to ubuntu 12.04 with Apache 2.2 PHP5-FPM and now the options page is totally blank. It takes around four seconds and then the page goes blank, no source code at all.

    Any ideas as to why this happens?


  • Hi @randler

    A blank page can represent a PHP error on the page. Please turn on DEBUG_MODE in your wp-config.php file and reload the page.

    Please also contact your web host for any server errors which could explain the issue.


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  • Hi @randler

    All plugins are loaded on each page load. A well written plugin will look at the current screen and load it’s ‘includes’ if needed, however, a not so well written plugin will always load all it’s ‘includes’.

    Please disable all plugins to confirm the issue is related to plugins load.
    Please also change your theme to the default twentythirteen. This will reveal if the issue comes from code in your theme.

    Please also contact your host and ask them if they can see any stand out issues on the page load in question.

    And please setup a local instal of the website for testing. This will remove many server variables and allow you to debug and find answers quickly.


  • But the entries in the logfile for IIS are only what happens when the options-page is loaded, they never show otherwise. It’s only when loading that particular page that all the entries from the plugins shows up as far as I can tell.

    I haven’t got a test environment that’s totally similar to the production site unfortunately.

    I am not hosting the site anywhere, we’ve set up the server ourselves and have full access to it.

    When I changed the theme on the develoment site there was no difference in the page loading time.

  • Hello!

    I have finally figured out what the issue is. It’s the pagelink field. Since we have about 1700 post and 35 pages the problem is that when you’re supposed to choose a link in the dropdown menu all of them are fetched and that’s what making the options page stop working. Is this a limitation that is common? Or is it my combination of fields that unfortunately breaks the page? Since it wants to get all these variables about 5 times over.


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