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Issues with field display and output formats after importing or moving

  • Lately we’ve been having issues when importing field groups or moving fields. After importing, certain image fields change from outputting an image array to outputting the image ID, however the radio button is still selected on “Image Array”. To fix it we need to select another output option, save the field group, then change the output back to “Image Array” and save again.

    The issue also happens sometimes with Repeater fields displaying as a table when they’re set to display as a Block and we have to do the same process to fix the output.

    It’s not on all fields and does not happen all the time, but it’s happening often enough that it’s causing some headaches here.

  • Are you exporting and importing the field groups or the content for the fields?

  • @hube2 Sorry I missed your reply here. We’re exporting and then importing the field groups. I believe it also happens when duplicating or moving fields. It doesn’t happen consistently so unfortunately we can’t give steps to reproduce it.

    I’m curious, have you not heard anything else about this issue? I assumed other people must be experiencing it, since it’s been affecting both myself and another dev on multiple projects for the last few months.

  • I have not heard of this specific issue before and I have never had this issue.

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