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Issues with ACF & WPML – Flex / Repeater

  • Here is some context information. We are using the Flexible Content field in combination with all different kind of field such as repeaters, groups, etc. With this setup we created a very basic ‘Page Builder’.

    Making this setup multilingual is giving us many problems and we are curious what your experience is with this. I don’t think we are the first doing this, I guess there is a solution.

    As you know, fields need to be set to copy/copy once/do noting/translateble.

    This needs to be set on a field by field basis. To streamline this process we can set up fields in the wpml-config.xml with these settings predefined. This also has to be on a field-by-field basis but at least you have to do it only once. Repeater/flex fields on the other hand can’t be set this way and every new instance of a flex/repeater field has to be toggled to be translateble as well.

    You can’t wildcard all the new instances of a flex/repeater field as shown here:

    Is there a workaround so all instances of a particul flex/repeater field are automatically configured?

  • Hello,
    any updates on this? Could you solve it?
    Thank you.

  • Hi There, not really. ACF Custom fields are really a mess with WPML in my opinion. But recently we switched over to native gutenburg blocks and WPML and Gutenburg blocks work way better than our old setup….

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