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Issue with Visual Editor loading incorrectly

  • Anyone encountered this?

    It doesn’t occur 100% of the time but must be about 90%. It doesn’t impact on the functionality but I’m trying to get to the bottom of it incase it occurs in an instance where the user you wouldn’t know how to react, I know its not a problem but its annoying more than anything.

    I have a standard page with one custom field below the main visual editor and that custom field contains two WYSIWIG fields. About 90% of the time this happens (see screenshot) when I go to edit the page but it always seems to go away when I Update the page. If I switch to Text mode (see screenshot) the issue is noticeable but rather than two toolbars there is significant space. Interestingly if its on Text mode when page loads it never seems to occur.

    If I switch to the default theme it still occurs again not 100% of the time. I’ve disabled plugins, changed to system font etc. Tried everything that comes to mind as it appears to be a loading issue but nothing prevented it occurring.

    ACF Pro 5.6.10 WP 4.9.5



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