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Issue with TinyMCE inside blocks after WP 6.5

  • I just upgraded to WP 6.5 and noted a new issue with ACF within the Gutenberg editor.

    The problem is that TinyMCE within blocks are not rendered correctly. Either not initiated correctly or wrong styles attached (white text on white background).

    On the first load things are working fine. But when I create a new block within the editor, sometimes all blocks get rerendered and the TinyMCE fields within ACF blocks are not initiated correctly. Interestingly not on all blocks a rerender is triggered, I’m wondering depending on what. It could be on some more complicated fields like repeater, but don’t see a logic there.

    I’m aware that with InnerBlocks the default text block could be used instead of TinyMCE. Although this involved a refactor and isn’t simple to migrate existing content. For now we’re left with a broken admin panel. This should be resolved and if TinyMCE is deprecated handled in a different way then just breaking. TinyMCE is and was a big part of ACF and can’t just be stripped out.

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