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Issue with taxonomy field inside a repeater

  • Hi,

    I’ve built a project management system using a lot of the functionality in ACF, but I am having an issue with one aspect of it…

    I have a custom post type called Jobs, I then have a repeater field for adding quotes for each job which consists of Title (Text Field), Supplier (Taxonomy Field), Cost (Number Field) and Order No (Text Field).

    The issue I have is that I obviously want the Supplier taxonomy term to be assigned to the post so we can easily look at all jobs from a specific supplier, so I therefore select ‘Load value based on the post’s terms and update the post’s terms on save’. However if there are two quotes from two different suppliers, rather than both of the taxonomy terms being applied to the post, only the latter is and the value of the former is changed to match the latter.

    Is there a way of getting ACF to look at all the taxonomy fields within the repeater field, and apply all to the post?

    Thanks in advance…

  • Also worth mentioning that in Firefox the Dropdown for taxonomies collapses again if you move the cursor down to select an option…You have to use the keyboard to make a selection. This only seems to be an issue with taxonomies inside a repeater.

  • Hi @ashley

    Currently, only 1 field can load / save terms to the post and does not work with multiple sub fields, sorry.

    I’ll look into this in the future, but for now you may need to write this functionality yourself using the acf/_update_value filter (please see docs for more)


  • Is there a timetable for this sort of functionality? I’m also looking to create this kind of functionality in ACF.

  • Are there any updates for this functionality? I checked the changelogs but did not see any updates that included a fix for this issue.

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