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Issue with /js/input.min.js in 5.0.5?

  • Wish I could provide more info but all I can tell is that it looks like ACF 5.0.5 (just updated from 5.0.3) is stopping execution of JS on at least user-edit.php. The symptom I noticed was that I could not change/remove the image of the user.

    Chrome inpector says “cannot read property ‘attributes’ of undefined” for this:


    I turned off ACF group for that content type and was able to perform the task again.

    Has anyone else experienced this or see an issue with my perception?

    Many thanks!

    (Thanks to mdoll for the spot.)

  • I have the same error message with acf 5.0.5. But in my case one of my WYSIWG fields on a options page isn’t showing any of the regular buttons and the text is inverted to white on a white background. :/

  • Hi guys

    Sorry for the JS errors in 5.0.5
    I believe the issues were due to the taxonomy field JS, and hae since been fixed.

    Can you please re-download the ACF PRO plugin from your store account and reload the page?


  • One methodical question about the replacement. Do i have to deactivate the plugin before replacing and or do i have to switch off mamp in my local dev environment before the replacement? Best regards r.

  • ok i’ve deactivated the plugin and then replaced it with the new one and then reactivated. Now my described WYSIWYG problem is fixed. The one specific field is working again. Coolio!

    p.s. @Elliot Condon you can drop and forget my mail i’ve sent to your support mail address one or two day ago about the WYSIWYG issue, your hint here already fixed it 🙂 thanks a lot!

  • On Friday I replaced the /js/input.min.js file with the one from the previous release, 5.0.4. That fixed the issue for me.

    I also downloaded Elliot’s solution this morning. Not sure what all files changed, but that appears to have worked too.


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