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Issue with importing json files

  • Hello There,

    I am new at ACF, so accept my apologies in advance. I have an instance of WP and I Added a field group using ACP. Now I have another instance on another server and I want to import it (33 fields large !). So I export the files creating a json file. and on the other instance I did import. I selected it click import file and it looks soemthing is working in the backgroup and underneath tool, there is a message “no file to import” ! Did this 5 times and I still do not have my field group.

  • Something is causing the file to not upload. This can be caused by other plugins or it can even be caused by your host blocking this type of file.

    First step is to disable all other plugins and see if you’re still having the problem.

  • I disabled every plugin except ACF, and still getting the same error. I wonder how my host could block this type of file ?

  • I switched to English in WP (rather than Franch), I guessed the english message could be more explanatory. Now the message is different it says the import file is empty (instead of there is no file to import), and I can assure you it is not empty at all.

  • This can happen if there is something wrong with the JSON in the file.

    Try exporting the group again.

    If you still see this issue create a test php file, save it somewhere on your server like /test.php

      var_dump(json_decode('PASTE CONTENT OF JSON FILE HERE', 1));

    go to the test file/page in your browser and see what you get for output.

  • As an example of blocking JSON file upload you can look at this site. If you attempt to attach a json file you a topic of reply here it will fail. The site will not let you upload it. I don’t know the exact mechanism that causes this or where it is being blocked.

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