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Issue with images size in gallery field (back end)

  • Hello, I have a gallery field (acf pro) on a page and when editing that page, it is very slow to open it because after saving and reloading the page, the images are displayed on full size, so the page takes 10-15 sec to refresh.

    My preview size for that gallery field is set to a custom size of 250 x 250px not cropped but I tried other sizes with the same result.
    I noticed that only square images are correctly resized and displayed to 250x250px (or any size that I choose on preview size setting).

    Also, I’m using Shortpixel to optimize images and when I add an image on my gallery (or even refreshing the page), the optimisation and thumbnail are kind of reset (button “optimize now” is back on Media>library and it says “optimize 2 thumbnails” but I have more than 2 thumbnails).
    I tried disabling Shortpixel and Regenerate thumbnails but images are still loaded in full size.

    Any help on that ?

  • I have tried and I cannot reproduce the issue you are describing. Maybe it is something in another plugin or theme.

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