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Issue with flexible_content_layouts and WPML

  • Our website is built of articles based on advanced custom fields, using flexible_content_layouts and using custom post types. We have created a custom layout that allows you to pull all custom posts of a particular type (snippet texts) into a custom layout based on either taxomonmy of choosing exactly the posts you want. When we translate using the XLIFF export/import, a few strange things happen:
    a) Not all fields copy the source to the target, when the XLIFF export contains a lot of pages. Is there a timeout that needs to be increased somewhere?
    b) We have a layout that selects all custom posts from a taxonomy. However, when we translate it, the taxonomy selection is not carried over. The taxonomies are translated, of course. See screens A and B. This results to many errors in the resulting page, see screen 0. When I simply assign the category in the gui, it works.
    c) Sometimes a layout gets changed from one type to another (see screenshots C and D). It appears to be always the second one?
    d) Somtimes the stream of layouts gets cut off after 10. This is related to error a, if I fix error a, then the page is complete (see screenshots D and E)

    I have set all fields to “translate”, is this correct?

    URL of (my) website where problem appears:
    login as kunde / kunde
    Sample source page:
    Sample translated page:

  • Hi @klauskaleidoscope-at,

    Thanks for the post.

    I believe the issue is arising because you have set the ‘fields’ option to translate.

    This should be set to ‘Do Nothing’ but the field group option should be set to translate.

    Please refer to the following resource page:

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