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Issue with "dash"-type in sub field

  • I am using a sub field for a repeater to display a telefonnumber. I want it in this format 070-000 00 00, hover, when I update the post it changes the input to “70” (in the actual editing view).
    The issue seems to be connected with the dash, since when I remove it everyhing comes out fine.
    Any idea why this is?

  • Hi @popmouth

    Sorry, I don’t quite understand the issue.

    Is the field type in question a ‘number’ field? If so, perhaps you will need to change this to a text field to allow for non numeric characters

  • I’m afraid you understood the issue better than you thought 😉 This was definitely the problem.
    Sry for not being more clear in my description.
    And thanks for a lovely plug-in; when I realized that one could use repeaters within repeaters I was so thrilled!

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