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Issue with adding fields to Flexible Content layouts

  • WP 6.1
    ACF Pro 6.0.5
    Hi Guys,
    I just started experiencing this issue today. When I try and add a field to an existing Flexible Content field layout the field (let’s say a text field), on save, gets saved outside the layout as a brand new field. See attached screenshot.
    I even set my DB back to yesterday and the issue persists. Also I noticed when you try and add the field to the layout the default field label is “New Field” with a default field name of “field_name”. When you rename the label to say Shops the field name doesn’t generate to shop automatically. It used to!.
    I tried activating/deactivating ACF and field groups and fields and tried field duplicating with no luck. Using FireFox if it matters.
    Any help appreciated.

  • Resolved! Of course my own fault. I have a custom themed ACF backend that inadvertently hid the Add Field button at the bottom of the layout fields so I assumed the Add Field button on the top was the way to add fields to the layout.
    Anyway my ignorance may help someone else. Glad it was my fault tbh 🙂

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