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Issue loading wysiwyg fields on front end

  • I inherited this site from another developer and evidently this issue was not always there. I mean to say that it was working fine for months then all of a sudden (I dont know when) the thing stopped working. I have tried everything but I am not an avid coder.

    Here is what is happening the site loads except for the wysiwyg fields the page is using the post slider from beaver builder to display the post, and I checked the theme file to see how it was being loaded. The child theme contains the module from bb and the file post-loop.php inside there is a line

    <?php the_field( “shop_the_look_code” ); ?>

    This seems to cause an endless loading icon from the post slider, however when I remove the line the page loads completely fine. Secondly the post page itself meaning when you go to the single post page of a specific post the content from the wysiwyg is loading there just fine. I really want to help get this going, but I do not see anything in debug or anything in console, I just dont know why this would be happening. I reached out to BB and they said it should be fine ACF works with posts slider. I know it used to, because she told me when it was built it all worked ok. She unfortunately has not been actively using it and now that she has the time and wants to, it wont work. She does not know when it stopped working and neither do I. I dont know why it stopped and I have been trying for several days to figure out what and why. I have tried thousands of queries on google and nothing relevant. Any help is appreciated. All correspondence with the original site builder has gone unanswered.

    The website is its a blog and fashion site and the functionality that uses the ACF field is the little shopping bag on the icons on the post. It was made so when you click the bag it uses js to change the class on a div to show the items that are loaded in the wysiwyg from the post backend.

    Any help in the right direction is appreciated i have no idea what to do to fix it or where to look beyond what I have already tried. Thanks everyone.

  • Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be anything simple I can tell you to make it work again. It sounds like you have an infinite loop condition. All I can to is make guesses that I cannot test.

    The first thing I would do is to see if it has something to do with the formatting of the value. Replace your line of code with

    <?php the_field('shop_the_look_code', false, false); ?>

    what that will do is bypass all of the formatting of that field value so that you can eliminate it as a cause or determine that formatting is the issue.

  • Thanks for your response. I gave that a try and still have the same issue. I have put the file back without the acf line so that her site at least loads. I can keep it up where it does not load those pieces of content if it will help diagnose the situation. If you have any other advice or feedback I would love to hear it. I will keep trying till I get it right, and I am hoping with all the brilliant minds here someone will come up with the aha moment!

  • If that did not have an effect then the issue is likely with a filter on the site.

    It could be an acf/load_field filter or an acf/load_value filter. This issue could also have something to do with a shortcode on the site and what shortcodes are inserted into this wysiwyg.

    Beyond this you are pretty much on your own.

  • ok i have sort of narrowed it down. I tried to recreate the issue onanother fresh wordpress install and I was able to step by step recreate it. Turns out that the code is all good, it is what is entered in to the wysiwyg field that breaks it. The code being used in the field is a shop style collective widget. When i use text it is no problem but when i use the code from them for the widget it breaks it. Strangely enough it only breaks it in the post slider module, and not anywhere else it is used within the beaver builder site. Furthermore when i go through the widget code and remove the iframe portion of the code, viola it stops the endless loop. so it has something to do with that. My question is now is this a ACF change that made it stop or a BB module change that made it stop working or is it a WP core change…. and then how could I possibly make it work again.

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