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Issue: Field Group export is missing some fields

  • Hey,

    currently I’ve a issue with the field group export. I have a field group with 8 fields. After exporting this group, all fields are missing in the JSON file.

    This is the content of the JSON file:

            "key": "group_5a0388083c60f",
            "title": "Global: Visibility",
            "fields": false,
            "location": [
                        "param": "post_format",
                        "operator": "==",
                        "value": "standard"
            "menu_order": 10,
            "position": "normal",
            "style": "default",
            "label_placement": "top",
            "instruction_placement": "label",
            "hide_on_screen": "",
            "active": 0,
            "description": "",
            "modified": 1510181517

    The "fields": false,! But there are fields. Why I can’t export my field group completely?

  • I’ve figured out the following. If I copied the field group and test the export again, all fields are included in the JSON file. After this I have to reconnect this field group with other field groups by including it as clone field. After this I test it again to export the field group and the error occurs. The JSOn file is missing the all the fields. I think this is a bug.

  • I’ve created a support ticket:

    I have a annoying issue / bug with missing fields in the exported JSON file and generated PHP file. So it’s not possible for me to …

    1. … export my existing field group and import it again to a other wordpress installation.

    2. … use “include_once( get_template_directory() . ‘/inc/acf-field-groups.php’ );” to load the field groups from the generated PHP file instead of the JSON file for user which are working with a child theme.

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