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Issue exporting / importing image gallery

  • Hi I’m having trouble migrating data from one site to another using the wordpress importer/exporter.

    I have two databases dev-site and prod-site. Both prod-site and dev-site have a custom post type called “spaces”. The spaces CPT is where advanced custom fields live. I have multiple fields associated to spaces. One of which is the image gallery.

    The issue i’m running into is that I’m trying to only export the SPACES CPT from dev-site and import them into prod-site using the wordpress exporter/importer.

    It looks like most of the values carry over fine EXCEPT the image gallery. The image gallery is just blank.

    When wordpress asked me to import the data also checked “download all files” when importing nothing seemed to happen. I also looked at the xml file that was exported and there was no image data even to be found.


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