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issue displaying fields content on frontend

  • after updating the plugin at the last version I’m unable to display the content on frontend when I’m displaying the fields via Woocommerce Product Tabs plugin. To have the filed displayed correctly again I must manually edit all products (+500)!. Seems that ACF has lost connection with Woocommerce Product Tabs plugin…. any help will be appreciated

  • I know it may not help but can you bulk edit say 100 at a time? Don’t make changes, just select bulk edit, check all then click update. Should resave the post without changes but may reconnect the data. Worth a try

  • Thank you Jarvis, already tried it but did not work, seems that “ACF” and “Woocommerce custom tabs” got disconnected at DB level so I’m afraid I will have to manually log in each product wait for the db to sync and save… multiplied 500 times… will take a week.

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