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Is this scenario possible?

  • I have a Field Group Repeater that works within a Custom Post Type.

    I also have Custom Taxonomy that is easily picked up by the Repeater, i.e. when I select the Custom Taxonomy I can – so all good.

    The Custom Taxonomy is “US States” that lists out the US States….all simple stuff…..
    However, I have two questions regarding things that don’t work:

    If I select a State from within the Custom Taxonomy then ACF Repeater easily finds, for example “New York”, however, it is then not listed as being “counted” in the actual Taxonomy itself. What I mean is that if you visit the actual Custom Taxonomy Page the New York page has “0” despite the fact that it has been selected

    Also, is it possible to list or loop attributed posts in that Custom Taxonomy

    Hope that all makes sense and thanks for all replies!

  • Is it possible? Yes. Coding will be required.

    See this topic

    This is the most recent, but this is a common question.

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