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Is this possible with ACF Pro?

  • I’ve been asked to develop an e-commerce (WooCommerce) site for a new client.

    The client is a fishmonger who plans to sell by specific weights of 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg. The price per weight will change as follows – 250g +10%, 500g +5%, 2.5kg -5%, and 5kg -10%. The price per weight discount/addition will need some flexibility, too. The client will need the option to amend these rates.

    A wide range of fresh fish will be sold, including (but not limited to) cod, herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, squid, and octopus.

    The wholesale cost of each fish type fluctuates daily, so the client will need to easily and quickly edit the ‘cost per kg’ unit for each fish type, which will, in turn, affect the product (variable) price in WooCommerce.

    ~ Options Page Idea ~ (prices editable by client)
    Cod (price per Kg) = $10
    Herring (price per Kg) = $7
    Mackerel (price per Kg) = $6
    Trout (price per Kg) = $11
    Salmon (price per Kg) = $18
    Squid (price per Kg) = $12
    Octopus (price per Kg) = $20

    ~ Product Variation Idea ~ (percentages editable by client on options page)
    Fish Family = COD
    250g = $2.50 + 10%
    500g = $5 + 5%
    1kg = $10
    2.5kg = $25 – 5%
    5kg = $50 – 10%

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