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Is this possible? Repeating rows inside repeating tables

  • Hi,
    Before I commit to a design, I’ll like to confirm if what I’m trying to achieve is possible.

    I basically need create product pages. Each page will consist of repeatable product groups. Each product group will contain a title and table. Each table will contain repeatable rows for individual products.

    My concept can be seen here

    Is this possible? I understand I’ll need to use ‘nested repeaters’.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • The simple answer to this is yes. It would just involve you setting them up carefully and making sure to give them logical names. You can see an example and some template code here:

    Based on the fact that you’ll want non-repeating fields as well as repeating fields to sit side by side (the title of each section will only appear once per section) it may well be worth setting this up as a flexible content field with a repeater inside of it.

    product_group (Flexible Content)
        - product_group_title (Text)
        - product_group_description (Textarea)
        - product_group_repeater (Repeater)
            - product_group_repeater_title (Text)
            - product_group_repeater_size (Text / Number)
            - product_group_repeater_price (Number)
            - product_group_repeater_image (Image)
  • Hi Edd,

    Thats great news. Thanks for the help.

    Now that I know it’s possible I’ll invest some time setting it up. It’s a bit beyond my ACF experience but I’ll see what I can do.
    Thanks again.

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