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Is there any problems with saving PHP arrays in a text field ?

  • Hi,

    I use the Free version of ACF and it’s awesome, really.
    My users are allowed from a front-end page to add professionnal experiences to thir profile. Each experience creates a php array and is itself added to a big array that regroups all of them.
    Next, this array is saved in a custom field that got the type ‘text’.

    It works pretty well for now, but i just want to know if it could cause issues in the database ?
    I know that i could do that with the premium ACF version with repeater field but the person that charged me of the developpement doesn’t want to pay a plugin (do not judge lol).

    Thanks all !

  • If you try to store a value that is an array in WP, WP will automatically serialize that array. When you get that value WP will automatically unserialize the array and it will not work as a text field.

    If you want to store and array as a text value then you must manipulate the array before inserting it into the DB, for example by using json_encode()

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