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Is there a problem with saving Group fields (and nested repeaters?)?

  • I’m having trouble with certain fields not saving data. I’m using WP 6.0.1 and ACF 5.12.3.

    I have 2 examples, both involving group fields, one with a nested repeater:

    1) I have a ‘hero’ group which contains a repeater field named ‘hero_buttons’. Each button repeater has x2 text fields, one for ‘button text’ and other for ‘button url’.

    The ‘button_url’ field will not display the correct information that is saved. It was originally a Page Link field which we realised we should change to a text field to allow for different types of links. The fields look correct in the backend, and seem to be saving, but changes are not reflected on the frontend or database.

    The ‘button text’ field works as expected so these errors may be due to the change of field type?.

    2) I have an options page with a group of social media links which save to the database but the fields in wp-admin appear empty. If any other field is updated later all of the social links need to be redone.

    There is also a y/n select field outside of the group fields which is supposed set whether to show the social links or not, but doesn’t appear to be saving any value to the database. As a result I have removed this from my code and the social logos appear on the frontend (even when appearing blank in wp-admin).

    Is there any known fix for these issues?


  • Please ignore / delete this post, my code was wrong. Mea culpa.

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