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Is my relational ACF/CPT plan sound?

  • I’m re-doing a website for a podcast. They currently have podcast episodes, response essays, and authors set as CPT with relational ACF inputs.

    A previous webmaster coded some php to show the relationship between episodes and authors in front-end display. A podcast episode displays its “authors” (not the editor who posted it in WP) and a response essay identifies the “episode” its responding to. These are controlled on the back-end by ACF data inputted by our editors.

    In the redesign I’m hoping to expand these relationships. Since all responses appear after an episode posts, I’d like to be able to update the original episode post with data from the response post so that the earlier episode “has” responses created later to display. It seems like relational fields and the post2post plugin are the right way to go here.

    I’ll still have to figure out how to re-code the front-end display to look for and include newly added data (if an episode has a response show a link to it), but does my plan sound reasonable for how to keep “old” episodes up-to-date with “newer” responses using ACF capabilities?

    Apart from making sure my ACF inputs are named the same (and not using repeater fields) so that post2post works across the different CPTs, is there anything else I will need to do to pre-existing posts when I add a new custom field going forward to make sure everything populates correctly?

    We’ve got 300+ episodes and at least that many responses and authors, if the scale of things is a concern. I’m anticipating hiring an intern to update and check post content since we’re having a big issue with inconsistent images (separate issue entirely) from over a decade of work with several design changes.

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