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Is it time to upgrade to WordPress 5 or not?

  • I have a legacy site with a strong dependency on ACF, which I dearly love.

    But as of today, the plugin directory says that ACF 5.7.12 has only been tested through WordPress 4.9.9.

    I came to the ACF support site hoping for clear guidance on whether I should upgrade to WordPress 5.1 or wait. I don’t see anything to counter the info on So does that mean that ACF has not been flight-cleared for WP 5?

    (In my case it doesn’t matter whether Gutenberg plays nice with ACF, or some of the other issues I see in the forums. I just need to know whether upgrading past WP 4.9.9 will break the existing functionality my site.)

  • If you have classic editor installed and activated you should have no problem. I’m running 5.1 on several sites with classic editor and not seeing any issues with ACF. If you plan on using gooberbug Gutenberg then I would not update WP. There have been some reported issues.

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