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Is it possible to build a database like this with ACF?

  • Hi,
    I’m working on a database that store all the album in history.
    I’m at a good point in inserting the data, and all the albums are inserted in a custom taxonomy inside wordpress.

    Now I was thinking to implement some feature that could increase engagement from people. For this, I would like to implement some feature like the one this anime database site have: My Anime List

    What this site do is pretty simple. Once you are registered, for each anime in their database you can select a status (Completed – Suspended – Watching – Dropped). For each of these status, then, you will be able to consult a dedicated page listing all the titles with that state. For example, you have access to a page in your profile with all the anime in which you selected completed. Another page with all the anime where you selected suspended, and so on.

    Once you select the status, you also get an additional option that allows you to give a rating from 1 to 10 to that anime. The vote will then be added to the vote of all the other users on the site according to a formula (you can find the formula here ).

    So I wanted to ask if it is possible, and possibly how easy/difficult it is, to create similar functions in my music album database as well.

    Thank you.

  • Would this be at all possible using ACF for the fields? Yes.

    How difficult would this be? Very.

    Because of the relationship between users and “Posts” (i.e. “music”) you would have to add some type of a lookup table that relates each user to each post and stores the options the user has selected for that post. Then you would need to pass these values and update the lookup table in some way when the user provides input.

    There are several ways to create the lookup table, but most application developers would create a new database table.

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