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Is it better to have multiple posts or one post with lots of repeaters

  • This is more of a processing / optimization question. I’m trying to see which way I should go. I am making a site for an hoa that currently has 50 files they want to present in a list (with names of each).

    Is it better (for speed, load, resources etc) to create a post type called “meeting notes” and then add a single file to each post type? OR alternatively is it better to have 1 page and add a repeater field to that page with name of file and a file field.

    Either way client will be adding more files as more meetings happen after the project completes. And there will never be a need to go to the individual pages.

  • That depends on what needs to be done with the data.

    Do you need to search for or sort these these “meeting notes”? Do you need to list them in any way other than all of them for whatever they are associated with? Is there a need to see a single meeting note? If the answer is yes to any of these then you want to use a CPT.

    Another thing to consider is the admin performance. There comes a time when there are so many items it the repeater that it will eventually cause updating to time out while display will not be affected. Repeaters do not scale well. If there could be hundreds of rows in a repeater then this is another reason to use a CPT rather than a repeater.

  • Thanks John! That’s exactly what I was considering. It seems repeaters are an amazing tool to simplify and make easier some interactions, but in the long run CPT will offer more flexibility.

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