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Is Flexible Content / ACF Normal Suited For This?

  • I have a pretty complex project I’ve been working on for some time, and I’d like to know if ACF alone, or ACF PRO is a good fit for my goals. I’m new to the plugin (though I’ve used it for just a bit of data), and think regular users would have a much better understanding.

    This page is a bit broken (wrong sized image gallery, shortcodes not showing content, etc), but you get the idea of the layout. I want to stop using just shortcodes to design my page (it’s a mess), and create a page template and various ACF fields to fill out. I’m thining:

    ACF Fields:

    -Main Image
    -Image Gallery (list of images for the shortcodes ultimate gallery)
    -Text Area (or some other setup for contact info)
    -Map or Map ID (not sure how I’ll handle this yet)

    Basically, I want to use ACF, a custom page template, and css to create pages like this, but neatly in my dashboard area –

    I THINK ACF would be amazing for this, but I’m not entirely sure. I’m also wondering if the Flexible Content field would be of any use, as I’m still quite confused by that, though it seems it could be used for my goals.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

  • Did ACF help you out? Are you using it for

  • I am using it on ANightInBurlington, but I’m currently in the middle of refactoring a lot of the code. I originally came up with a very clever use of Pages, page templates, and ACF, but I’m now adding custom post types to organize the data a bit more.

    Either way, while it may not be visible in the current version of the site, ACF has proven extremely powerful, and makes custom meta boxes / information for anything a breeze.

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