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is cloning repeater/flexible content fields possible?

  • i have just started using the clone field but have some issues with it.

    for most field types and also for groups it works fine but cloning repeater or flexible content fields doesn’t seem to work properly.

    the cloned repeater/flexible content fields show up when editing the page, i can fill them with data but once i save the page the whole data vanishes. what could be the reason for this? i don’t think it’s a naming conflict since there aren’t any other fields with the same names on the page.

    of course i can clone the fields that are in a repeater but that’s not really what i would like to do. 🙂

  • I’m getting the same thing, although I’ve noticed if I change the usage of the Cloned field to be Grouped instead of Seamless, it does save the values, although that’s not ideal, since the field I am cloning is already a Group (that has a Repeater inside it).

  • I don’t know what issues you might be having. I’ve never had an issue doing this and I’m not having an issue now. The only thing I can think of is that you have multiple fields on the same page with the same name even when you might think that you don’t.

  • I also encountered this issue today.

    Here is the configuration that caused the problem:

    • Create a flexible content field with field name “page_modules” in field group A
    • Create a field group B
    • Add a clone field and use “page_modules” as the field name (NOTE: this is the issue – using the same field name in both places)
    • In the “Fields”, select the “Page Modules” field (and only that field, not “All fields in group A”)
    • Leave the clone field set to “Seamless (replaces this field with selected fields)”

    With this configuration, the fields show up correctly on pages with field group B, but the flexible content layouts are not saved.

    Workaround: Simply rename the clone to something like “modules” or “cloned_modules”. Then it works 🙂

  • Could be why I’ve not seen the issue. Usually when I’m cloning a field and making it seamless I use something like “Clone of XXX” as the label so that I can see at a glance that it’s a clone and what it is a clone of. ACF automatically makes the field name “clone_of_xxx” which I don’t worry about because I’ll never use it.

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