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Is ACF striving to meet WCAG 2.1?

  • I’m interested in using ACF on a large website project and it is very important that ACF be WCAG compliant on the front end. (I’m not concerned about color choices because I would define those to be compliant) but I am concerned about functionality of fields, links etc. What is the status of ACF and Accessible design?

  • WCAG is entirely up to the developer when it comes to the front end. For example a link field returns a URL. What you do to create the link for that URL is entirely up to you. There is nothing built into ACF that will do this for you.

  • Yes, I completely understand. So nothing inherent in how ACF works is a problem. Great.

  • Can I ask on this same post what about the backend of ACF is it WCAG 2.1 compliant or do we have to do some hooks to get it to that point?

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