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Is ACF PRO one plugin or multiple?

  • Our marketing studio currently uses Advanced Custom Fields along with the Repeater Field and Options Page add-ons (great work on these awesome plugins!). We are thinking about switching to ACF PRO but are wondering when you view the plugins page is it listed as one plugin or five separate plugins?

    The reason I ask is that if it is packaged as separate plugins we would like to purchase just the Gallery Field and Flexible Content Field add-ons (since we have already purchased the Repeater Field and Options Page add-ons). If all of these are packaged as a single plugin we will probably purchase ACF PRO.


  • Hi @keeganhr

    Thanks for the question.

    ACF PRO is 1 plugin. Because you have already purchased add-ons, you should see a promotion to claim a free version of ACF within your ACF account. Please login to view this promotion.


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