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Is ACF 5 using more resources than ACF 4?

  • Hi.
    I updated from ACF 4 to ACF PRO somedays ago in my site, without updating any other plugin. Since that, my site is giving a lot of 500 error because exceding resources. Therefore I suspect that the upgrade is the problem.

    It is possible to debug this in order to know exactly if ACF PRO is using a lot of resources?

    pd: The only change I did was to change some code because previous ACF 4 methods were no longer working with the update.

  • Hi @scisterna

    I believe that ACF PRO is much lighter than ACF4, but the web is never a certain place as many variables are involved.

    To debug the memory issue, I would get in touch with your host. They will be able to provide access to an error log which you can use to find out which file is causing the memory error, and how much memory is being used.


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