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Invalid JSON Response -> Cloudflare blocked script tag

  • Just in case anyone comes across the same problem, let me save you some time:

    I use ACF in the Block editor to place scripts inside my articles (some kind of embedded tools from a third party). However on my live server I get a JSON Error in Gutenberg “Invalid Response” when I enter a script tag in this field and save the post.

    It’s not because of wp_kses blocking this or anything similar. In my case I’ve had the Cloudflare WAF enabled on that domain and one rule (“XSS, HTML Injection – Script Tag”) blocks the API Calls, when a script tag is present.
    (Generally smart, but in my case more of a nuisance)

    This is only specific to Cloudflare users, but could also be helpful if you’re behind a different WAF like Sucuri etc.

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