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Intermittent Saves Cause Empty Flexible Content

  • Hi guys,
    We’ve been running into an intermittent issue for the past year or so, and up until today, we believed that it was a problem with something in our theme, but now believe that it could be something right in the plugin.

    Basically, we have a “Sections” flexible layout where we hold most (or all) of our content for a page. This field holds layouts that can have repeaters, galleries, and anything else that ACF includes, depending on the needs of the site.

    We get about one call per month saying that they were editing a page, and on save, the Sections layout was emptied. We then have to restore to the previous revision and they redo their work.

    We’ve enabled debugging on the sites, but haven’t seen anything useful come up. We’ve also added custom debugging to save hooks, and it looks like the data makes it to the hook, but not into the database.

    We’ve increased all applicable PHP settings for memory and input variables, and have checked error logs throughout the server – nothing shows anything wrong.

    We’ve also tried installing a fresh version of WP with the the twentyseventeen theme, and have managed to get it to fail after about 100 tries. It’s so intermittent that we haven’t been able to get it to fail again. Some clients, however, can have it happen more than once on the same page within a couple days of editing.

    Has anyone else run into something similar?


  • We are having exactly this issue.

    It’s a long shot, but did you ever find out what was causing it?

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