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Integromat and Repeater Fields

  • Non-coder here. I know just enough to cobble things together, but can’t get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have an automation in Integromat that adds a custom post to WordPress whenever an order is placed on Etsy.

    What I’d ultimately like to do is allow customers to edit these posts on the frontend to upload images that correspond to each item they’ve purchased (denoted by a SKU).

    I’m able to create the posts and get all of the order details into the ACF fields within my custom post, but I am having trouble with the SKUs. Specifically, getting the text string into a field in order to populate the first row of a repeater field. Here is how I have the repeater setup:

    <items> (repeater field)
    <SKU> (text field (?) 1st SKU in string)
    (There is logic here to display the number of photo fields
    based on the number of images needed)
    <SKU> (2nd SKU in string)
    …and so on

    Any thoughts on how to get this working?

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