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Instruction placement in group…..

  • I use the instruction placement “field” to have the instructions off all fields under the field and to generate a more “clean” layout, because the texts have different length and so its a little bit more easy to read.

    Now i have to generate some groups and i saw that the instructions in the group are all set to “label” and i couldn’t find a way to change it. Is there a solution?

  • The problem with putting the instructions after the field with group fields is that the instructions would be below all of the fields in the group. I don’t see any way to change this.

  • Hello John,

    I could not really understand your answer! A group packs some fields together. The normal layout in a group is completely the same like using normal fields without a group. You are right that in a group the user could organize “more” but a group is like a titel with the correspondimg subfields -> with the same layout – only the “not beautiful GROUP-BORDER” bit thats only a little bit CSS and the look and feel is like in normal ACF-input-forms in the backend. BUT i need a group to could make a clone of “master”-fields which in need:
    1. in options
    2. in the main custom post type
    3. in the sub post type

    Based on the not so pefect ACF-layout i decided to put the instructions UNDER the field bacause thats make it more easy to handle the translations which need perhaps a little bit more chars than the orginal english one. Now my new group handles the instructions under the label – You say based on the group they are all now under the fields – YES thats what i need. Like in normal fields. And there is no case why this its not working. If you want i could make some screenshots of this.

    Regards André

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