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Insert Page Title Within Shortcode

  • Hi,

    I have this shortcode which I want to use in every page using a specific template. The shortcode is like this:


    However, I want it to be like this in my template:


    So that I get a unique version of it with every page.

    How would I go about doing this?


  • Hi @jakeward – is this an ACF question, or are you more asking how to create a shortcode that returns the current page title?

  • Hi @jakeward ,

    As noted by @markbloomfield, your question is not clear on what you are trying to achieve.

    Kindly explain more on what you are trying and also please note that this is an ACF plugins forum. Thus, there maybe a limit on the nature of assistance that we may be able to provide.

  • Hi, @markbloomfield and James.

    Apologies if I didn’t explain it well enough.

    So in my pages I want to use a shortcode from a WordPress plugin and the shortcode gives you the option to make each specific instance of the shortcode unique by adding ‘=”UniqueName”‘ to it. I want each instance if the shortcode to be unique. So the way I want to do this is by making the unique name of the instance of the shortcode the name of the page.

    So in my template I want to have the shortcode in their but I want it to use a unique name each for each page.


    I hope this is has made things clearer.


  • Hi @jakeward

    I’m afraid it’s still not clear. Could you please share some screenshots of your current page and leave notes on it that explain how you want it to be?

    If you want to create a shortcode, kindly check this page instead:


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