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Input Fields

  • I had trouble getting my head around ACF (and still do). I’m not a dev, so for me, PHP was out of the question. But the ability to add dynamic content in the Brizy page builder is just what I need.

    So I can create any type of page displaying ACF fields.

    But I need to make a page that the user can interact with (a member profile page) and one problem remains; although I can display a field, I don’t know how to create an input field.

    Again, I can’t go into PHP. I will be building through an editor.

    Is there a shortcode to create an input field? (or something similar).

    Sorry if that seems like a dumb question.

  • The only way to put acf fields on the front end is using acf_form() It is not possible to build front end forms without doing any coding.

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