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Infinite loop on admin page with repeater field

  • I am using ACF 5.3.1 to make custom fields in a website I’m building. The page I’m working on will sometimes have either one dog available for adoption or a pair of dogs for adoption. Each dog has a pdf file of their behavior evaluations. I need to create a repeater field which will have a NAME field and the PDF upload field.

    The “name” field will be to let the user know which behavior evaluation is for which dog.

    The issue I’m having is when I create this repeater field and go to edit that dog post, the page creates an infinite loop and loads multiple fields. It creates more and more fields when I only need one or two. When I try to delete one of those rows it comes back. Even after scrolling to the bottom, more and more rows are automatically created.

    Is it something I did, or is this a bug in ACF 5.3.1

    P.S. I am using WordPress 4.3.1

  • This should not be happening. You’ve either got some code created that’s causing it or there is something in another plugin or the theme causing the problem.

    Try deactivating all other plugins. Try changing themes to one of the default 20XX Themes.

  • This is happening to me, right now. I’ve turned off all plugins, switched theme to Twenty Seventeen and it’s still looping!

  • My problem has been solved. Seems I may have given my repeater field name which is the same as a native WordPress one: home_page_header. Once I changed that, the looping stopped!

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