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Incomplete/Incorrect Code

  • I’ve just purchased the Gallery Add-On but on activation it errored out and displayed a few comments from the plugin lines (40-60 of acf-gallery.php)

    It reads

    	*  register_fields
    	*  @description:
    	*  @since: 3.6
    	*  @created: 31/01/13
    	function register_fields()
    new acf_gallery_plugin();

    Could just be a simple fix but I didn’t want to poke around with it incase it was a known issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi @studioworks

    Thanks for the bug report. You must have downloaded the update within a minute of the upload.

    I also experienced this after I tested the update and quickly fixed the issue.

    For some reason, the git deployment messed up the file.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    * You can remove all the code after ?>


  • Hey Elliot,

    Are any other files affected? I Removed that section but it still errors out.

    Thanks Again.

  • Scrap that I just re-downloaded it from my account and it works, sorry man.

    Cheers again for the reply 🙂

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