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Incompatibility with Page Builder (SiteOrigin). Editor disappears

  • There is an issue with Page Builder from Site Origins and Advanced Custom Fields. ACF is assuming that either of the two editors (HTML or TinyMCE) is active as is evident in the following code:

                var i = e("#wp-content-wrap").exists() ,
                    a = e("#wp-acf_settings-wrap").exists();
                mode = "tmce", a && e("#wp-acf_settings-wrap").hasClass("html-active") && (mode = "html"), setTimeout(function() {
                    a && "html" == mode && e("#acf_settings-tmce").trigger("click")
                }, 1), setTimeout(function() {
                    a && "html" == mode && e("#acf_settings-html").trigger("click"), i && t.set({
                        $el: e("#wp-content-wrap")
                }, 11);

    The issue with Page Builder, is that if a page is managed with page builder instead, the editor is switched to either HTML or Visual, but since they are “display:none”, no editor shows up. I think the only solution is for you and the creators of Page builder (SiteOrigin) to talk and come up with a solution that works. Perhaps if they apply a class of panels-active instead of html-active, and you specifically check for both html-active and tmce-active and if neither are active, assume a third party is active.

  • Thanks Paul for coming to that conclusion.

    I am having the same issue and need to resolve! If there is no immediate solution that ACF or SiteOrigin can offer then I will have to disable one and I would really like to avoid doing so.

    ANY help would be appreciated!

  • Hello ACF,

    Same issue

    Was hoping to find a solution for below:

    I was able to go to my dev site – deactivate Advanced Custom Fields – and the page builder was able to load. Unfortunately this is not a fix as much of the site content is contained in ACF.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi @paulwarren

    Thanks for the bug report.
    I have a strong feeling that this issue is resolved in ACF PRO (ACF v5) because the implementation of the WYSIWYG field is much much smarter (and the above highlighted code no longer exists).

    Are you able to give ACF PRO a go? If you have purchased an add-on in the past, you will see a free version in your store account

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