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Incompatibility with Custom Sidebars?

  • Since version 4.17, ACF seems to be breaking the ability to re-order widgets in the Appearance > Widgets area. It might be an incompatibility with the Custom Sidebars plugin (

    I’ve tried every release since and have had to keep reverting to 4.16.

    The odd thing is that the conflict is intermittent, meaning that you can re-arrange a few and then it stops working (with ACF version about 4.16). With 4.16 is all works as expected.

    I suspect some sort of javascript conflict with Custom Sidebars, but the console shows no errors.

    Please advise.


  • Hi @digitalfusion

    How bout with ACF 4.2.0?

  • Well, I’d just tried 4.2.1 and it had the same problem, so I had to revert again to 4.1.6.

    I don’t think I’d ever tried 4.2.0 specifically.

  • Hi @digitalfusion

    Perhaps you could open the console log and watch for any JS errors during the page interaction.

    Are there any JS errors to report?

    This would suggest a SJ error between ACF and the Sidebar plugin which is possible.

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