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Including a taxonomy in a custom post type’s URL

  • Hi. I’ve got a few CPTs and taxonomies set-up using ACF. For one CPT, ‘person’, I want to include a taxonomy, ‘team’, in the url structure. I was hoping ACF would accept taxonomy tags in the URL Slug field in the Advanced post type settings, but it doesn’t seem to be possible. I tried %team%/{slug}, {%team%}/{slug} and {team}/{slug} but none of these worked, unfortunately.

    Is this currently possible in ACF?

  • This is not something that ACF can do, or for that matter, any plugin that allows you to add CPTs and custom taxonomies. This is something that comes up often now that ACF is doing this.

    See some of the previous topics on this subject

  • Thanks for getting back to me, John. Shame it’s not currently possible but I hope it’s something you consider adding in the future. It’s turned out to be surprisingly tricky to achieve in a non-hacky-feeling way… so I gave up 😊

  • I’m not a developer of ACF, and the developers don’t look at these forums. If you want do suggest it to them you have various methods to do so.

    1. Feedback Page
    2. Contact Form
    3. Open a ticket in your account

    I don’t see this happening, it is not easy to do, if it were then other plugins that are specifically made for just CPTs and taxonomies would all be doing it.

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