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Improve tab order for repeater fields input

  • It would be awesome if the tab order within the repeater fields input was improved.

    Whilst you can tab around fields within a repeater input, the current order is wrong.

    On a new post, zero rows are added so you have to tab down to Add Row button to add a row, and then you need to shift-tab back to the first field to start inputting data from the first start. The same pattern needs to be repeated for every row you want to add.

    It would streamline data input if focus was returned to the first field in a new row after the Add Row button is pressed.

  • I will see what I can do about bringing this to the developer’s attention. I can’t speak for him but it sounds like a good idea, not that I actually use the keyboard for navigation. I think that the WP admin makes that hard in general.

  • +1 to this.
    I’m losing tab order in repeater fields with Post Object fields.
    After selecting an option with Enter, Tab loses the next input and seems to go to the top of page elements.

    To recreate, something like this:
    Press Tab until you are focused in a Post Object field in a repeater.
    Space to open the dropdown, move with arrows to your selection, press Enter.

    After that, i’d expect Tab key to position cursor to the next input but it takes me to the top of the page.

    As we commonly use ACF for front end forms it would be good for users to have tab navigation for moving faster between fields.

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