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Importing/Exporting galleries

  • Hello,

    I’ve been using ACF galleries for the past couple years and I love it. I’ve used ACF as my primary image gallery plugin for my clients because it’s so easy for everyone.

    I have recently run into a problem with galleries. I am redeveloping a website and I’m looking to import the galleries from my old website the my new one.

    I’ve contacted support and it seems like this can’t be done, but before I throw in the towel I wanted to see if the community has run into this issue.

    A couple things I’ve tried:

    • I’ve tried using the WordPress Importer as well as a bunch of different plugins none seem to work
    • I’ve tried to manually recreate the galleries, but when I FTP into the server to download the images from the old site all of the images are stored in the uploads folder, organized by date and not gallery. I have a lot of photos, so manually sorting through the uploads folder isn’t feasible.

    ACF support suggested using mysql to export rows to move everything, however that’s a little over my head and I don’t see how that will allow me to grab the images files from the old server.

    I’m a little desperate to figure this out because I love ACF galleries so much, but not being able to move galleries around is an unfortunate dealbreaker.

    Has anyone else found a solution or workaround for this? I’m willing to recreate the galleries manually if I have too, I’d just need a way to export the images.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Talk to the people over at They have a new export tool that I have not tried yet and it may be able to do what you want with only a minimal amount of tweaking.

  • Thanks so much John,

    I’ve been talking with wpallimport and it’s looking like it could do the trick. Thanks again!

    Does anyone else use ACF galleries extensively on their websites as their sole way of managing WordPress galleries? I’m kind of surprised that ACF doesn’t do import/exports out of the box. Is ACF a viable, robust option for galleries or is it not really made for that?


  • I personally prefer to use ACF for everything, including galleries, but I’ve never built anything where I needed to export or import them. Usually I’m working on a dev site and I just move everything to the live site when ready by copying it and exporting/importing the entire DB using phpMyAdmin.

  • Hi John,

    Yeah I’m currently using ACF for everything too.

    Thanks for your help!

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