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Importing Posts and Custom Field Meta Data

  • Hi,
    We are rebuilding a site and have exported the posts and custom fields to the new DB. However, when we look at the posts there is no custom field data associated with them.

    Is this an ACF issue or does it depend on the WordPress Post Export.


  • That may depend on how you exported and imported and how you recreated the fields that needed to be imported.

    What version of ACF?
    How did you recreate the fields on the new site?

  • Hi
    I solved the problem, the issue was that the custom fields were set to different categories. I am guessing when I imported the fields the were set with category id numbers and these changed on the new database.

    All working now.

  • Glad you got it solved. ID are usually the problem when using standard import/export methods. The other thing that can go wrong is ACF group and field keys depending on how ACF field groups are imported.

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