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Importing non wp content

  • I have been looking for a way to use WP for a site I set up 10 years ago. At that time my familiarity with WP was minimal it wasn’t that much of a CMS, to me anyway. That site, an encyclopedia type, quickly grew in number of pages. Fast forward years and I am looking to use WP. Now we are talking about 4000 pages with a few content blocks like {content block=’name’} … to make it short are there any test cases where an old site was converted and used ACF? I am kind of familiar with import plugins (csv ones for example) but I am curious if it is even possible to ‘map’ blocks from another CMS to custom fields? has it been done by anybody?

  • Hi @rgdot

    I don’t have any personal experience with this kind of migration, but if you can export the 4000 pages to an csv file, then you can definitely import it into WP.

    WP has a few csv importers and most of them (if not all) can import data also into the wp_postmeta (custom fields) table.

    I just searched on google, and the first result is a github repo containing a WP plugin t import xls and ACF!

    Good luck.


  • Great find, I will have to start playing with it soon, thanks Elliot.

    While here, may be I an ask an unrelated question.
    In the current cms I have one image for each page. In the cms template I have “{title}.jpg” where the page title is defined earlier in the template and of course the image is named after the title. So whenever I upload an image (via FTP for example) it shows up on the right page.

    Is there an equivalent in this case? Sorry if confusing and not the right place to ask.

  • Hi @rgdot

    I can’t help you with this one, but perhaps you could ask it on a WP forum such as stack overflow?


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