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Importing Image Custom Field from CSV

  • I am using WP All Import plugin to import the custom fields data from CSV. I am able to import all the fields except the image field.
    I am trying to map the URL to the image field. Can you please share the steps to import an image field?

    Custom Fields
    Field settings

    Please let me know if you need more details

  • What is in the column that you are trying to import into the image field?

  • I am trying to import the Logo field. I have all the images in my Media Library on the destination site already. I have tried to map the full URL and also the filename alone.
    Both didn’t work.
    Similarly, I have one more field(Featured image). This is working fine with the import.

  • The image column in the CSV must contain the full image URL.

    Are you using WP All Import Pro? An image field cannot be imported with the free version. You must have the Pro Version and use the ACF add on.

  • Thank you for the confirmation.
    The image col has the full working URL. I was able to see the preview in the Preview & Test option. I’m using WP All Import Pro with ACF addon.
    Is there any other way that we can import images from CSV?


  • I have never had an issue with importing images as I’ve outlined.

    There is no other way that I know of for importing ACF image fields from a CSV.

    Beyond this you really need to contact the support over at WP All Import. They are usually very helpful if you’re having an issue.

  • Thank you, I have already created a ticket for the WP All Import team. I didn’t see any reply there. So, I came to check for alternatives.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi, I’ve the same problem

    Can import images into the media library, it loads everythin, but it need to be imported into the fields created by the ACF.
    Several fields with the image type have been created, and it is in these fields that you need to insert imported images.

    I have an XML file where posts are imported and there are multiple images for each post, how do I import them into each post on my site?

    Thumbnail set, works good, but how to do it for ACF fields with image type?

    How to do it?

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