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Importing from 'Custom Field Template' to ACF

  • I have a site that I built using ‘Custom Field Template’ ( and would like to switch it to utilize Advanced Custom Fields.

    Within Custom Field Template, I’ve created a number of custom fields (as it’s a music site, there are fields like ‘Genre,’ ‘Track Listing,’ ‘Album Cover,’ etc.).

    Is there a way to migrate or map the custom fields of ‘Custom Field Template’ to ACF?

    Thanks for any & all guidance!

  • As long as the fields are stored the same way and hold the same information, yes, but it’s not completely automatic.

    You need to create fields that use the same storage method and data type and use the same field name. Then you need to open an update all of the posts that have the content. Or at least that’s the way I think it would work. ACF needs to save a special field key to make some fields usable on the front using acf functions.

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