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Importing & exporting ACF settings

  • I have setup ACF on a local WordPress installation and now want to replicate these settings to a live WordPress installation. What I plan to do:

    On local environment:

    1. Export row from wp_posts where post_type=’acf’
    2. Export rows from wp_postmeta where post_id={ID_OF_POST_FROM_STEP_1}

    On live environment:

    3. Install ACF
    4. Import row from step #1
    5. Import rows from step #2

    Is this a good way to export/import the settings?

    I’ve looked into the traditional import/export technique, but this seems to import/export ALL WordPress’s settings, which I don’t want. I only want to import/export ACF settings.

  • I’m assuming that you’re using ACF 4 (free version) from looking at the post_type.

    Are you trying to export and import the field groups that you’re created or something else?

  • Correct, I’m trying to export/import the field groups. If upgrading to ACF 5 is a solution, I’m happy to pay for it.

  • ACF5 will let you export JSON files of field groups that can be imported into other sites that are also using ACF5. It’s a pretty handy feature for copying field groups from development to live sites.

  • I’ve examined that path, but the import/export functionality exports ALL WordPress settings, not just the ACF settings.

  • I’m not sure what you mean by exporting or importing settings. ACF field groups aren’t WP settings, they are a custom post type. How are you trying to export them that you’re getting settings?

    The export import feature of ACF5 only exports ACF field groups and does not export any other WP settings.

  • I’m confused. Nowhere on the JSON import/export functionality of ACF5 is described in detail, so I don’t know how this works. I want to do this without coding.

    With ‘settings’ I mean the extra fields that have been created, not the contents of these fields. Please re-read my original question, it explains which rows I’m talking about.

  • Fist ACF5 export. IN ACF4 there is an export to code that exports the php needed to register a field using code. ACF5 improves this by allow you to export to JSON format and import that file into another site.

    As far as exporting manually, yes, if you export the posts of post_type ‘acf’ and all the meta values associated with those posts it should export the field groups and import them. This should also be possible using the standard WP export and import by only exporting “acf” posts. The only extra setting you might get would be your username and you can assign the imported posts to a different user.

  • Thanks for the help! Everything is clear now.

  • Glad I could help and sorry if I cause any confusion.

  • John, I was reading through the thread and never realized ACF created custom post types. I always used other plugins to manage custom post types… so from what you seem to be saying my approach is redundant (I’m over complicating things)?

  • ACF does not create custom post types… yet.

    this is a feature that is planned for the future.

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