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Importing Custom Taxonomy Selections

  • Hi all,
    I’ve created a number of custom taxonomies and created several ACF fields where users can select these custom taxonomy terms, 4 in total. I didn’t want to use the default WP meta boxes because it would not look as clean as I have it setup now but i’ve run into an odd issue.

    When I try to import data using something like All Import Pro my custom taxonomies are saved into the database, so no problem there, BUT in the actually UI it doesn’t appear like any fields are actually selected and if I update the post of course it saves these non-selected options and ruins the point of mass importing and management. The crazy thing is if I display the default WP meta box for the custom taxonomy term the correct item is selected. I just really hate those default meta boxes.

    I originally had the taxonomy selection option set to radio buttons, thinking that may be the issue i switched it back to check boxes but still nothing.

    So I’m reaching out to see if anyone else has run into these issue and curious how to fix it.


  • The problem is that when you export the content in the ACF field it contains a Term ID value, not the name of the term. I’m not sure what you’re using for the export, but when you import that term is probably getting a different ID value. How are you exporting? How are you setting up WPAI to import the values to the taxonomy field? Are you using the ACF add on for WPAI?

  • I exported using WPAI by just mass exporting all the fields and all the custom taxonomies came in just as their term name.

    On my import spreadsheet I am just using the name of the term.

    I did see field ID’s you mentioned when i did an SQL dump, the problem is we want to setup the ability for our client to mass import products on going and i have a hard time seeing them referring to a sheet to get the correct IDs.

  • It is possible to import into a taxonomy using names with WPAI, and it is possible to also import into ACF taxonomy fields using term names using the ACF add on. If you have the taxonomy field set to “load terms” and “save terms” then you should only need to import to the taxonomy though the standard WPAI taxonomy interface. If you are not loading and saving terms they you’ve probably got to import both with the standard taxonomy settings in WPAI AND import into the ACF field and you should be able to do this using the names and WPAI will sort it out for you.

    Bit I don’t remember all the details. I’ve been where you are, I hate imports unless it is to import something that is exported from some other system. If you’re importing from data manually entered into a spreadsheet by a client then, well, this is only the beginning of what you’ll need to work out. Human entered data is never consistent enough for automated importing.

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