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Importing Address into Google Map Field

  • Hi,

    I am trying to import addresses into ACF’s Google Map field.
    I import using Really Simple CSV Importer. To do so I’m using a column header called “address” (same as Google Maps custom field name) and just copy-paste the actual address on each cell. Also tried other formats, see screenshot below.

    Importing is working well for all ACF custom fields but with Google Map custom field type, even if the Excel cell is populated, in WP backend it shows up as blank (it says “Search for address” just on top of the map).

    Is there a specific format I should use? (e.g adding lat/lng in the Excel sheet), or how can import addresses…

    Thank you,

  • You would need to have the lat, long and address in separate csv columns and then use the Really Simple CSV Importer meta filter “really_simple_csv_importer_save_meta” to combine them into an array for ACF.

    Here is some info that may help from the Really Simple CSV Importer plugin author

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